Doing A Cabin Rental In Texas? Be Sure And Pack These 5 Things


Having a cabin rental in the Texas hill country is something everyone should have the chance to experience. It is a great trip idea that gives you the chance to get away from the urban jungle and all of its worries.

It is important, though, that when planning your cabin adventure, you think about what things you and your family will need to make the trip the most fun. Here are five things you should definitely pack when heading to out to your cabin:

1. Garbage Bags – As you and your family get settled, you will undoubtedly begin to make trash. Be sure to pack garbage bags to help keep things clean and uncluttered. Depending on the lodging rules for your property, it may actually be a part of your contractual obligation as a renter. Garbage bags are also important because they can serve as a dirty clothes hamper. It seems like an odd use, but it allows you to have a flexible way to hold your laundry & not take up too much room.

2. Basic Toiletries – Always be sure to consider the basic things your family will need in your cabin. Some obvious items would be toothbrush & toothpaste, toilet paper, contact solution, shampoo, and deodorant. As you would with any trip, you want to “pre-plan” what is absolutely necessary. Make a checklist and lay out what you’re packing. This is helpful because you can be sure to not overlook such vital items.

3. Clothing Made for the Outdoors – Since you’re more than likely spending time outside as you hike, hit the bike trails, or swim, it only makes sense that you pack clothing suited for those activities. You might feel that you can do without & that your usual day-to-day wear can be enough, but ultimately, it is a good idea to make sure you and your family are working with the right gear.

4.  Activities for the Family – Yes, you will be doing many things together during your Frio River adventure, but occasionally you will have some down time. Why not make these lulls in the day as family-oriented as possible? Puzzles and board games are a great way to make the fun last even if you’re not outdoors. It may also be a great way to interact with other families that may be nearby.

5. Supplies for a Campfire – Nothing makes the cabin experience more authentic than by sitting around a campfire. Be sure to pack matches and/or lighter. You might have a killer stick-rubbing technique that elicits a picturesque fire, but taking a “sure-fire” (no pun intended) way to start said fire is always a good bet. Also, think differently about campfire supplies. Pack some graham crackers, marshmallows, and milk chocolate for s’mores. You can even be sure to stash a pack of frankfurters in your food supply for some fire-kissed hotdogs.

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